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SomeTimes The Person Who Tries To
Keep Everyone Happy Is The Most Lonely
Person.So Never Leave Them Alone Because
They Will Never Say That They Need You.

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I Hate Getting
Flashbacks From
Things I Don’t
Want To Remember..

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A Negative Thinker See A Difficulty In Every Opportunity
A Positive Thinker See An Opportunity In Every Difficulty.

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Good Morning Lonely Status Albert Einstein Be A Loner. That Gives You Time To Wonder,
To Search For The Truth. Have Holy Curiosity.
Make Your Life Worth Living.- Albert Einstein.

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He Swaarth Tera Sukriya, Ek Tu Hi Hai Jisne Logon Ko Aapas Mein Jod Rakha Hai

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Too Much Self-Centered Attitude,
You See, Brings, You See, Isolation.
Result: Loneliness, Fear, Anger.
The Extreme Self-Centered Attitude
Is The Source Of Suffering.
(Dalai Lama)

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Loneliness Adds Beauty To Life. It Puts A Special Burn On Sunsets
And Makes Night Air Smell Better.(Henry Rollins)

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Loneliness Is Proof That Your Innate Search For Connection Is Intact. Martha Beck

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The Worst Loneliness Is Not To
Be Comfortable With Yourself. (Mark Twain)

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Loneliness And Feeling That Nobody Needs You Is The
Worst Kind Of Poverty. Mother Teresa