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Good Night Facebook Hindi Quotes Picture

Nikal Gaya Hai Chand
Aur Nikhar Gaye Hain Sitare
So Gaye Hain Panchi
Aur Sundar Hain Nazare
So Jao Ab Aap Bhi Aur Dekho
Sapne Naye Nirale.
Good Night…

friendship quotes status for facebook with wallpaper

Friendship Is Unnecessary, Like Philosophy,
Like Art… It Has No Survival Value Rather It
Is One Of Those Things That Give Value To Survival.

good afternoon friendship status wallpaper

Good Friends Are Hard To Find
Harder To Leave And Impossible
To Forget.

Good Afternoon

good evening friendship quote status

I Sacrificed A Lot, In Terms Of Friendship And
Family, From Working So Much At Such A Young Age,
but I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am If I Hadn’t.
-Sasha Grey

Good Evening…….

friend hindi quotes picture whatsapp

Friend(Dost) Shabd Nahi Jo Mit Jaaye
Umar Nahi Jo Dhal Jaaye
Safar Nahi Jo Kat Jaaye
Ye To Wo Ehsaas Hai, Jiske Liye Jiya Jaaye To
Zindgi Bhi Kam Pad Jaaye

bharosa quotes status whatsapp and facebook

Kisi Par Bharosa Karo To Aakhiri Saans Tak Karo
Ya To Ek Saccha Dost(Friend) Paaoge Ya To Ek Acchi Shiksha