Courage Quotes

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A Nation’s Culture Resides In The Hearts
And In The Soul Of Its People.
Mahatma Gandhi

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 Success, Failure Courage Saying Wallpaper.

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If Your Culture Doesn’t Like Geeks,
You Are In Real Trouble.(Bill gates)

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Courage Quote By Nelson Mandela:I Learned That Courage Was Not The Absence Of Fear, But The Triumph Over It. The Brave Man Is Not He Who Does Not Feel Afraid, But He Who Conquers That Fear.

Hindi Saying(Translation): Maine Ye Jaana Hai Ki Darr Ka Naa Hona Sahas Nahi Hai, Balki Darr Par Vijay Paana Saahas Hai. Bahadur Wah Nahi Hai Jo Bhaybheet Nahi
Hota, Balki Vah Hai Jo Is Bhay Ko Paraast Karta Hai.

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Quote By Winston Churchill: Success Is Never Final, Failure Is Never Fatal. It’s Courage That Counts.
Hindi Saying(Translation): Safalta Kabhi Antim Nahi Hoti, Vifalta Kabhi Ghatak Nahi Hoti, Jo Maayne Rakhta Hai Wo Hai Saahas.