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failure quotes

Failure Quotes Collection Of All Types About Life, Success With Pictures, Images, Wallpapers And Failure Quotations For Different Ones And Status Sayings For Whatsapp And Facebook.

Good Morning Thought For Whatsapp Wallpaper

Success Is Like A Beautiful Lover.
It’ll Leave Us At Anytime.
But Failure Is Like A Mother,
It’ll Teach Us Some Important
Lessons Of Life.
Good Morning…

Failure Quotes Picture Growth Saying Whatsapp And Facebook Share

Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination
To Succeed Is Strong Enough.- Og Mandino.

Success And Failure Famous Quotes Image

Instead Of Learning From Other People’s Success,
Learn From Their Mistakes. Most Of The People
Who Fail Share Common Reasons(To Fail) Whereas Success
Can Be Attributed To Various Different Kinds Of Reasons.-Jack Ma

Life Failure Status Whatsapp And Facebook Share

Don’t Worry About Failures,
Worry About The Chances
You Miss When You Don’t
Even Try.-Jack Canfield.

failure whatsapp dp image

Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination
To Succeed Is Strong Enough.-Og Mandino

Failure Shayari Hindi Whatsapp Picture

Apne Mukaddar ka Ye Sila Kya Kam hain
Ek Khushi Ke Peeche Chupe Hazaron Gam hain
Chehre Par Liye Phirte hain Muskurahat Phir Bhi
Aur Log Kehte hain Kitne Khushnaseeb Hum hain.

अपने मुक़द्दर का ये सिला क्या कम हैं
एक खुशी के पीछे छुपे हज़ारों गम हैं
चेहरे पर लिए फिरते हैं मुस्कुराहट फिर भी
और लोग कहते हैं कितने खुशनसीब हम हैं.

good evening suvichar hindi image whatsapp

Girna Mahatwapoorn Nahi Hai,
Balki Baar Baar Girne Par Uthne
Ki Himaat Karna Isliye Hamesha
Koshish Karte Rahiye.
Good Evening..

Dream Quotes

Dream Quotes Of All Types And Sayings With Pictures , Dream Status, Motivational, Inspirational, Success And Failure Quotes With Wallpapers For Students, Persons And All.

Very Nice Good Night Quotes With Wallpaper Wishes Whatsapp And Facebook Share

Dreams Are The Best Part Of Life.
If You Miss Sleep, You Miss The
Best Part Of Life.So Go To Bed And
Catch Sweet Dreams..
Good Night….

Stress Status Quotes Picture For Whatsapp And Facebook

Don’t Stress Over Past Mistakes Because
There’s Nothing You Can Do To Change Them.
Focus On Your Present And Create Your Future Today.

narendra modi picture quotes india

I Will Make Such A Wonderful India,
All Americans Will Stand In A Queue For
Getting Visa Of India.Narendra Modi


dream quotes status whatsapp DP and facebook cover

Don’t Dream Your Life,Live Your Dreams.

bill gates dream quotes facebook status picture

I Really Had A Lot Of Dreams When I Was A Kid,
And I Think A Great Deal Of That Grew Out Of
The Fact That I Had A Chance To Read A Lot.
(Bill Gates)

good night quotes picture

A Man Is Not Old Untill Regret Take The Place Of Dreams.
John Barrymore

dream quote abdul kalam picture for facebook and whatsapp share

Great Dreams Of Great Dreamers Are Always
Transcended.(Abdul Kalam)

Hindi Translation: Mahan Sapne Dekhne Waalon Ke Mahan Sapne
Hamesha Poore Hote Hain

abdul kalam dream quote picture

English Text: You Have To Dream Before Your Dreams Can
Come True.(Abdul Kalam)
Hindi Text: Isse Pehle Ki Aapke Sapne Sach Ho
Aapko Sapne Dekhne Honge.(Abdul Kalam)

Art Quotes

Art Quotes Collection And Sayings For Kids, Teachers, Students In English Saying, Status Greetings With Pictures, Photos And Wallpapers For Facebook Wall Post And Whatsapp Group

Sunday Wishes Quotes Wallpaper For Friends With Image Free Download

Sunday Is A Miraculous Day
When You Can Do All The
Pending Work And Relax.
Take This Day As An Opportunity
To Ease Yourself From All The
Worries In Life.

Have A Happy Sunday.


Sunday Clears Away The Rust Of The Whole Week. -Joseph Addison

Sunday Evenings Often Feel Like The Weekend Is Over Before It’s Even Begun.-Catherine McCormack

Do Not Let Sunday Be Taken From You. If Your Soul Has No Sunday, It Becomes An Orphan.
-Albert Schweitzer

This Is Sunday, And The Question Arises, What’ll I Start Tomorrow?-Kurt Vonnegut

Sunday, For Me, Is All About Being Home With The Family With No Plans.-John Lasseter

Sunday Is My Favorite Day.-Emma Caulfield

Sunday Is A Day Of Rest.-Mark Morris

Reputation Quotes Image For Whatsapp And Facebook Share

It Takes 20 Years To Build A
Reputation And Five Minutes To Ruin It.
If You Think About That, You’ll Do
Things Differently.-Warren Buffett.

Abdul Kalam 2020 Vision Quotes Image Whatsapp And Facebook Share

My 2020 Vision For India Is To Transform
It Into A Developed Nation.That Cannot Be
Abstract. It Is A Lifeline.
-A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

Steve Jobs Quotes Image Money And Ideas

I Think Money Is A Wonderful Thing
Because It Enables You To Do Things.
It Enables You To Invest In Ideas
That Don’t Have A Short-Term Payback.
-Steve Jobs.

Narendra Modi Quotes Picture Education And Students For Whatsapp Group Share

If There Is Education,
There Will Be Everything
In Life. Government Can
Make Roads, Hospitals
And Also Construct School
Buildings. But Your Homes
Can Brighten Up Only If
Your Children Are Educated.
I Am Confident That If We
Focus On Education, Our
Society Will Certainly Develop.

-Narendra Modi.

Business Quotes

Business Quotes Collection By Popular Authors With Motivation, Inspiration Along With Pictures, Images About Teamwork, Leadership, Change, Trust, Employee And Focus For Whatsapp And Facebook.

Jack Ma Quotes Status Facebook Wall Post FB Cover

You Should Learn From Your Competitor
But Never Copy. Copy And You Die.-Jack Ma

Steve Jobs Quotes Picture About Business Success

Great Things In Business Are Never
Done By One Person.They’re Done By
A Team Of People.-Steve Jobs.

Dhirubhai Ambani Quotes Wallpaper For Entrepreneurship Image

True Entrepreneurship Comes Only From Risk-Taking.
-Dhirubhai Ambani.

dhirubhai ambani business quotes image think big

If You Don’t Build Your Dream
Someone Else Will Hire You To
Help Them Build Theirs.
-Dhirubhai Ambani.

Bill Gates Quotes About Software And Business Ethics Saying Pic

The Only Thing I Understand Deeply,
Because In My Teens I Was Thinking
About It, And Every Year Of My Life,
Is Software. So I’ll Never Ne Hands-On
On Anything Except Software.-Bill Gates Continue reading Business Quotes

Courage Quotes

Courage Quotes With Images, Photos By Popular Authors And Celebrities And Courage Status And Sayings About Life, Motivation, Inspiration, Strength For Whatsapp Profile And Facebook Cover.

Successful and Happy Quotes Wallpaper HD

Believe In Yourself!
Have Faith In Your
Abilities! Without
A Humble But Reasonable
Confidence In Your Own
Powers You Cannot Be
Successful Or Happy.
-Norman Vincent Peale

abdul kalam whatsapp quotes status for group

My Message, Especially To Young People
Is To Have Courage To Think Differently,
Courage To Invent, To Travel The Unexplored Path,
Courage To Discover The Impossible And To Conquer
The Problems And Succeed. These Are Great Qualities
That They Must Work Towards. This Is My Message To
The Young People.-Abdul Kalam

Good Day Relationship Quotes And Courage Facebook Wallpaper

You Don’t Develop Courage By Being Happy
In Your Relationships Everyday. You Develop
It By Surviving Difficult Times And Challenging
Adversity.~ Epicurus

courage shayari hindi picture whatsapp and facebook

Jo Safar Ki Shuruaat Karte Hain
Wo Manzil Ko Paar Karte Hain
Ek Baar Chalne Ka Haunsla Rakho
Musafiron Ka To Raaste Bhi Intezaar
Karte Hain.

courage saying status whatsapp picture

Efforts And Courage Are Not Enough Without Purpose And Direction.-John F. Kennedy