Jack Ma Famous Quotes With Picture

Jack Ma(Alibaba Group Founder) Famous Quotes Status And Saying
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Jack Ma Famous Saying Image Whatsapp And FacebookToday Is Hard,
Tomorrow Will Be Worse,
But The Day After Tomorrow Will Be Sunshine.
-Jack Ma


Help Young People. Help Small Guys. Because Small Guys Will Be Big. Young People Will Have The Seeds You Bury In Their Minds, And When They Grow Up, They Will Change The World. – Jack Ma.

I Try To Make Myself Happy Because I
Know That If I’m Not Happy, My Colleagues
Are Not Happy And My Shareholders Are Not
Happy And My Customers Are Not Happy.– Jack Ma

Without Internet, There Would Have Been No Jack Ma,
And No Alibaba Or Taobao. – Jack Ma

I’m Not A Tech Guy. I’m Looking At The Technology With
The Eyes Of My Customers, Normal People’s Eyes.– Jack Ma

Never Ever Do Business With The Government.
Be In Love With Them, Never Marry Them. – Jack Ma

My Job Is To Help More People Have Jobs. – Jack Ma

When We Have Money, We Start Making Mistakes. – Jack Ma

We Should Never Finish A 20 Year Program In Two Years. – Jack Ma

If You’ve Never Tried, How Will You Ever Know If There’s Any Chance? – Jack Ma

I’m a normal guy.– Jack Ma.