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Happiness quotes

Happiness Quotes Collection By Famous Authors And Happiness Sayings Status For Whatsapp And Facebook With Pictures, Images And Wallpaper Regarding Life Moments.

Good Morning Whatsapp Hindi Quotes Message Group

Jeevan Ke Prati Jis Vyakti Ki Kam Se Kam
Shikayate Hain, Wahi Vyakti Adhik Se Adhik
Khush Hain.

Good Morning

जीवन के प्रति जिस व्यक्ति की कम से कम
शिकायते हैं, वही व्यक्ति अधिक से अधिक
खुश हैं.

Happiness And Smile Wallpaper Whatsapp And Facebook Picture

Happiness Is More Important Than Smile,
Because Smile Comes From Lips But Happiness
Comes From Heart.

Happy Life Mantra Picture Quotes

If You Want To Live A Happy Life,
Tie It To A Goal, Not To People
Or Objects.-Albert Einstein.

Good Morning Happiness Quotes About Life
With Wallpaper And Life Encouragement Saying
For Special Friend, Best Friend, Whatsapp And
Facebook Friends.

Good Morning Happiness Quotes Wallpaper For Whatsapp And Facebook Share

The Search Of Happiness Is The Main Reason
For Unhappiness. Accept The Life As It Comes
You Will Find Happiness In Every Moment…
Good Morning

Good Night Beautiful Status For Best Friend,
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Whatsapp Group, FB,
And New Profile Status With Photo, Pic And
HD Wallpaper.

Good Night Beautiful Status Wallpaper HD WhatsappA Good Laugh And A Long Sleep
Are The Best Cures In The Doctor’s
Book.-Irish Proverb

happiness hindi status Suvichar

Khush Rahne Ke Liye Bangale, Gaadi
Naukar, Chakar Ki Jarurat Nahi Hoti.

Rain Status Picture whatsapp

Everybody Wants Happiness Nobody Wants
Pain But You Can’t Have A Rainbow Without
A Little Rain.

mahatma gandhi happiness quotes status whatsapp and facebook

Happiness Is When What You Think,
What You Say, And What You Do Are
In Harmony.(Mahatma Gandhi)

happiness quotes benjamin frenklin

Money Has Never Made Man Happy, Nor Will It, There Is Nothing In Its Nature To Produce Happiness.
The More Of It One Has The More One Wants.(Benjamin Franklin)

Happiness Whatsapp Status Quotes Picture

Happiness Does Not Depend On What You Have
Or Who You Are. It Solely Relies On What You Think.

 happiness quote pic

Happiness Is Not By Chance,
But By Choice.
– Jim Rohn

Happiness Quote With Image

It Is Very Simple To Be Happy, but It Is very Difficult To Be Simple.-Rabindranath Tagore

Albert Einstein Quote Pic

If you want To Live A Happy Life,
Tie It To A Goal.
Not To People Or Things.(Albert Einstein)

happiness quote with image

Happiness Keeps Us Sweet,

Sorrow Keeps Us Human,

Life Keeps Us Humble,

Success keeps Us Glowing,

But Only God Keeps Us going.


time quotes

Time Quotes By Popular Authors And Celebrities About Funny, Life, Love, Students , Time Sayings And Status Picture To Share With Your Friends About Whatsapp Group And Facebook Wall.

Good Night Quotes About All Time Picture

The Greatest Gift
You Can Give To
Someone Is Your Time.
Because When You Give
Someone Your Time.
You’re Giving Them
A Portion Of Life That
You Never Get Back.
Good Night!!!!!

Best Hindi Shayari On Waqt Wallpaper Whatsapp And Facebook Image

Waqt Se Ladkar Jo Naseeb Badal De
Insaan Wahi Hai Jo Takdeer Badal Se
Kal Kya Hoga Kabhi Na socho
Kya Pata Waqt Kal Khud Apni Tasveer Badal De.

saddness fed up saying life whatsapp group image

Sadness Flies Away On The Wings Of Time.
-Jean de La Fontaine.

Saddness Life Alone Wallpaper facebook wall post

Experiencing Sadness And Anger Can
Make You Feel More Creative, And By
Being Creative, You Can Get Beyond
Your Pain Or Negativity.-Yoko Ono

Bura Waqt Shayari Wallpaper For Whatsapp Friends

Bura Waqt To Sabka Aata Hai
Koi Bikhar Jaata Hain
To Koi Nikhar Jaata Hai.

Bura Waqt Hindi Picture Facebook And FB Share

Ab To Hum Tere Liye Ajnabee Ho Gaye
Baaton Ke Silsile Bhi Kam Ho Gaye
Khushiyon Se Jyada Hamare Paas Gum Ho Gaye
Kya Pata Ye Bura Waqt Hai Ya Bure Hum Ho Gaye

New Year Quotes Status About Time, Inspirational
Saying To Share With Family, Friends With Picture
For Whatsapp, Facebook And FB.

New Year Quotes Status 2016 Picture

Time Is Slow When You Wait!
Time Is Fast When You Are Late!
Time Is Deadly When You Are Sad!
Time Is Short When You Are Happy!
Time Is Endless When You Are In Pain!
Time Is Long When You Feel Bored
Every Time, Time Is Determined By Your
Feelings And Your Psychological Conditions
And Not By Clocks..

Have A Really Nice Time Always…

Bal Diwas Quotes On Jawaharlal Nehru With Picture For Whatsapp
And Facebook Wall Post.

Jawaharlal Nehru Quotes On Bal Diwas Whatsapp

Time Is Not Measured By The Passing Of Years But By What One Does, What One Feels, And What One Achieves.-Jawaharlal Nehru

Good Morning Post Status Whatsapp And FacebookDon’t Waste Your Time On Jealousy.Sometimes
You Are Ahead, Sometimes You’re Behind.The Race
Is Long And In The End, It’s Only With Yourself.-Mary Schmich

Time Shayari About School, Exam, College, Tea,
Evening, Bura, Busy, Morning, Sad For Friends
With Wallpaper For Whatsapp And Facebook Wall.

Time Shayari Wallpaper Whatsapp And FacebookKisi Ka Yakeen Pana Aasaan Nahi Hota
Har Koi Dil Ka Mehmaan Nahi Hota
Hum To Unko Bhi Rakhte Hain Apni Palko Par
Jinko Humse Baat Karne Ke Liye Do Minute Ka
Bhi Time Nahi Hota.

positive quotes

Positive Quotes Collection By Popular Authors, Positive Status Saying With Pictures And Photos About Life, Love, Change. Motivation For Whatsapp Group, Facebook Status Saying.

positive thinking whatsapp status dp image profile groupYesterday Is Not Ours To Recover,
But Tomorrow Is Ours To Win Or Lose.
-Lyndon B. Johnson


Positive Anything Is Better Than
Negative Nothing.-Elbert Hubbard

Work Hard For What You Want Because
It Won’t Come To You Without A Fight.
You Have To Be Strong And Courageous
And Know That You Can Do Anything
You Put Your Mind To. If Somebody Puts
You Down Or Criticizes You, Just Keep
On Believing In Yourself And Turn It Into
Something Positive.-Leah LaBelle

You Cannot Have A Positive Life And
A Negative Mind.-Joyce Meyer

Abdul Kalam Quotes Image Negative Experience Whatsapp And Facebook Share

For Me, There Is No Such
Thing As A Negative Experience.
-A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

bill gates quotes about india and world saying wallpaper image

I Think The Positive Competition Between States In
India Is One Of The Most Positive Dynamics That The
Country Has.-Bill Gates


I Don’t Have A Magic Formula For Prioritizing The World’s
Problems.-Bill Gates

Dalai Lama Quotes On Positive Thoughts Image WallpaperIn Order To Carry A Positive Action We
Must Develop Here A Positive Vision.
-Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama Life Purpose Picture Whatsapp And Facebook Share

Our Prime Purpose In This Life Is To Help Others.
And If You Can’t Help Them, At Least Don’t Hurt
Them.-Dalai Lama


Even When A Person Has All Of Life’s Comforts-
Good Food, Good Shelter, A Companion-
He Or She Can Still Become Unhappy When
Encountering A Tragic Situation.-Dalai Lama


Physical Comforts Cannot Subdue Mental Suffering,
And If We look closely, We Can See That Those Who
Have Many Possessions Are Not Necessarily Happy.
In Fact, Being Wealthy Often Brings Even More Anxiety.
-Dalai Lama

Positive Thoughts, Attitude, Thinking Shayari
And Problems And Hard Work Status Saying With
Wallpaper. Download This Picture And Share.

Positive Thoughts Shayari Wallpaper ProblemsJiyo Itna Ki Zindagi Kam Pad Jaay
Hanso Itna Ki Rona Mushkil Ho Jaay
Kisi Cheej Ko Paana To Kismat Ki Baat Hai
Magar Koshish Itni Karo Ki Bhagwaan Dene Pe Mazboor Ho Jaay.

sai baba picture for whatsapp and facebook

A House Must Be Built On Solid Foundations
If It Is To Last. The Same Principle Applies To
Man, Otherwise He Too Will Sink Back Into The
Soft Ground And Becomes Swallowed Up By The
World Of Illusion.-Sai Baba

positive thinking quotes hindi status anmol vachan whatsapp

Ek Ped Se Lakhon Machis Ki Tiliyan Banti Hain
Lekin Ek Teeli Lakhon Ped Zala Deti Hai
Isi Prakar Ek Sakaratmak Vichar Ya Shak
Aapke Hazaron Sapno Ko Zala Sakta hai

So Stay Positive

bill gates positive quotes picture whatsapp and facebook

It’s Fine To Celebrate Success But It Is More
Important To Heed The Lessons Of Failure.
(Bill Gates)

abraham lincoln quote image for facebook and whatsapp share

English Text: Common Looking People Are The Best In The World: That Is The Reason The Lord Makes So Many Of Them.(Abraham Lincoln)

Hindi Translation: Sadharan Dikhne Waale Log Hi Duniya Ke Sabse Acche Log Hote Hain: Yahi Wajah Hai Ki Bhagwaan Aise Bahut Se Logon Ka Nirman Karte Hain.

Nice positive Quote With Image

Even The Darkest Night Will End And The Sun Will Rise.-Victor Hugo

best positive quote pic

Concentrated Thoughts Produce Desired Results.- Zig Ziglar

positivity quote picture success

A Strong Positive Self-Image Is The Best Possible Preparation For Success.(Joyce Brothers)

worry quotes

Worry Quotes Collection And Sayings For Friends, Girlfriend, About Anxiety, Tension With Pics And Worry Quotes, Saying, Status Greetings With Pictures, Images To Share With Whatsapp And Facebook.

Comparison Quotes Hindi Picture Whatsapp Group DpApne Jeevan Ki Doosron Se Tulna Naa Karein
Aapko Is Baat Ka Bilkul Bhi Pata Nahi Hai Ki
Unki Jeevan Yatra Kis Prakaar Ki Rahi Hai.

Comparison Shayari Image Facebook Friends

Apne Gamon Ki Tu Numaais Na Kar
Apne Naseeb Ki Yun Aajmaais Naa Kar
Jo Tera Hai Wo Khud Tere Dar Pe Chalkar Aayega
Roj Use Paane Ki Khwaish Naa Kar.

Life Worry And Chinta Shayari Wallpaper Hindi Quotes

Kis Baat Ki Hai Chinta
Kyun Darte Hain Hum Kisi Se
Marna Hi Hai Jab Ek Din Sabko
Kyun Jeete Nahi Sahi Se..

Past Life And Worry Shayari On Life Picture Whatsapp And Facebook

Gujari Hui Zindagi Ko Kabhi Yaad Na Kar
Takdeer Mein Jo Likha Hai Uski Fariyaad Na Kar
Jo Hona Hai Wo Hokar Rahega
Tu Kal Ki Fikra Mein Aaj Ki Khushi Barbaad Na Kar.

good night hindi suvichar facebook worry quotes

Chinta Ek Kaali Deewar
Ki Bhanti Charo Or Se
Gher Leti Hain Jisme Se
Nikalne Ki Phir Koi Gali
Nahi Sujhti-Munshi Premchand

mathematics status for whatsapp Albert Einstein Quotes

Do Not Worry About Your Difficulties In Mathematics.
I Can Assure You Mine Are Still Greater.
-Albert Einstein

Good Night Quotes On Work And Worry Status Whatsapp And Facebook

Our Fatigue Is Often Caused Not By Work,
But By Worry, Frustration And Resentment.
-Dale Carnegie

I Can’t Worry About What Other People Are
Saying About Me. At The End Of The Day
It’s Just Their Opinions, But If I Said I Don’t Hear It
Or It Doesn’t Bother Me A Little Bit, I’d Be Lying To You.
-Carmelo Anthony

work worry quotes status wallpaper whatsapp and facebook

A Day Of Worry Is More Exhausting Than A Week Of Work.
-John Lubbook

stress and tension quotes status

To Be A Champion, You Have To Learn To
Handle Stress And Pressure. But If You’ve Prepared
Mentally And Physically, You Don’t Have To Worry.
-Harvey Mackay

life worry quotes status whatsapp and facebook picture

Life Is Too Short To Worry About Anything.
You Had Better Enjoy It Because The Next Day
Promises Nothing.(Eric Davis)

afraid pic with quotes

Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do.(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

sorry quotes

Sorry Quotes And Quotations For Wife, Friends, Mom, Boyfriend, Girlfriend With Pictures, Images And Photos And Sorry Sayings And Status For Whatsapp And Facebook Share.

Sad Shayari New With Wallpaper And Broken Heart
Sorry Saying Status For Whatsapp Share.

Sad Shayari New Wallpaper And Sorry SayingBahut Udaas Hoon Tere Jaane Se
Ho Sake To Laut Ke Aane Kisi Bahane Se
Tu Laakh Khafa Sahi Magar Ek Baar To Dekh
Koi Toot Sa Gaya Tere Door Jaane Se..

sorry saying hindi whatsapp quotes image

Jis Pal Mein Toot Jaate Hain Sapne
Us Pal Mein Hi Rooth Jaate Hain Apne
Hame Kisi Ko Manana Nahi Aata
Shayad Tabhi To Humse Rooth Jate Hain Apne.

sorry facebook status for friend wallpaper

Wo Mera Dost Jo Khuda Jaisa Lagta Hai
Dil ke Paas Hai Par Phir Bhi Juda Sa Kyun Lagta Hai
Kaafi Dino Se Aaya Nahi Koi Paigam Uska
Shayad Koi Baat Pe Humse Khafa Sa Lagta Hai.

sorry hindi status for whatsapp picture

Kaise Aapko Hum Manayein Bass Ek Baar Bata Do
Meri Galti, Mera Kasoor To Mujhe Yaad Dila Do.

sorry suvichar wallpaper hindi quotes

Kisi Ke Dil Ko Thes Pahuncha Kar
Maafi Maangna Bahut Aasan Hai
Lekin Chot Khakar Kisi Ko Maaf
Karna Bahut Mushkil Hai.

good morning sorry saying hindi shayari picture

Is Kadar Meri Dosti Ka Imtehaan Toh Mat Lijiye,
Khafaa Ho Kyun Ye Toh Bata Dijiye
Maaf Kar Do Agar Ho Gayi Ho Humse Koi Bhool,
Par Aise Yaad Na Karke Hame Saza To Mat Dijiye

good night sorry quotes whatsapp and facebook wallpaper
If You’re Going To Do Something Tonight That You’ll Be Sorry For Tomorrow Morning, Sleep Late.
Henny Youngman